Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials in Europe (2015)

Program Temat konkursu Data otwarcia Data zamknięcia
ERA-NET ERA-MIN Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials in Europe (2015) 17.12.2014 19.05.2015

Zakres konkursu:
All aspects of the non-energy raw materials value chain, grouped into 3 topic areas: 
1. Primary resources: exploration, extraction, minerals processing, metallurgy, mine closure and rehabilitation.
2. Secondary resources (recycling); proposals are expected to recover critical metals (as defined by the European Commission), in a circular-economy vision, either from mining waste or bulk streams of end-of-life products.
3. Substitution of critical materials.

Kraje partnerskie: Finlandia, Francja, Niemcy, Węgry, Irlandia, Polska, Portugalia, Rumunia, Szwecja, Turcja, Argentyna, Południowa Afryka
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