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ERA-NET Co-Fund FACCE SURPLUS Produkcja biomasy i zrównoważone rolnictwo 09.01.2017

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Zakres konkursu: 
The present call for proposals aims to improve collaboration and cooperation across the European Research Area in the area of sustainable intensification of food and non-food biomass production and decentralised transformation systems, in particular small scale multi-input, multi-product biorefinery concepts.
It is expected that the projects will assess: 

1. How small-scale, decentralised refinery concepts can promote sustainability, e.g. by avoiding trade-offs linked to transportation and logistics issues and associated costs. It should be explored in which cases a smart and integrated process design can beat the advantages of economy of scale applied in large-scale processes.
2. Whether there is an advantage in the separation of relatively simple pre-processing at small decentralized farms/factories and more capital-intensive processing at large centralized factories.
3. The potential of small-scale biorefineries to provide economic return at the farm level and to boost local and regional use of the biomass, as well as diversify the variety of crops produced.
4. Whether the applied system, along with the biorefinery production of fertilizers, nutrients and water, will result in the improvement of local ecosystems’ resilience, services and public goods and contribute to protecting and enhancing natural biodiversity.
5. How small-scale multi-input biorefineries can improve resilience of a system with regard to changes in raw material supply development of prices and other external factors. Particularly at local level, can this enhance the benefits per unit of biomass, and contribute to a regulation of the agricultural products market by “buffering” it through the utilisation/exploitation of agricultural production surplus, while at the same time contributing to adaption to climate change?
6. The potential of small-scale approaches to “revitalise” marginal or abandoned lands.

Kraje partnerskie: Belgia, Estonia, Finlandia, Francja, Holandia, Niemcy, Norwegia, Polska, Rumunia
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