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7.12.2015 1.02.2016
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Zakres konkursu:
The specific objective of this call is to promote clinical and pre-clinical proof of concept studies for the potential application of medicinal products that are either already marketed or having achieved a significant stage in the development process in rare indications. Projects should aim at discovering new therapeutic uses for Agents whose clinical safety has already been documented to move quickly into proof of concept trials in the selected rare diseases’ patient population.

Kraje partnerskie: Austria, Belgia, Kanada, Francja, Niemcy, Węgry, Izrael, Włochy, Łotwa, Polska, Portugalia, Hiszpania, Szwajcaria, Turcja

Więcej informacji: http://www.ncbir.pl/programy-miedzynarodowe/era-net-co-fund/e-rare-3/aktualnosci/art,3829,e-rare-3-otwarcie-naboru-wnioskow-w-konkursie-jtc-2016.html