Program Temat konkursu Data otwarcia Data zamknięcia
ERA-NET COFUND BESTF3 Bioenergy demonstrations of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative: Bioenergy Sustaining the Future 3 01.12.2015 29.02.2016
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Zakres konkursu:
1. Focus on innovation: projects must demonstrate an innovation that has not been demonstrated previously e.g. either an innovative technology or an innovative concept which brings together existing components/processes.
2. Major focus must be energy production: at least 70% of the bio-products produced by the plant shall be bioenergy (electricity, heat, or transport fuels) calculated on the basis of energy content of the products sold.
3. Focus on EIBI value chains: projects must address one or more of seven value chains included in Call Text
4. Technology Readiness Level (TRL): Projects must primarily address the last steps prior to commercial operation, i.e.:

  • A full-scale, similar system demonstrated in a relevant environment or
  • An actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration activities

5. Highlight the added value derived from European cooperation in comparison to national projects

Kraje partnerskie: Wielka Brytania, Holandia, Finlandia, Dania, Polska, Hiszpania,Szwecja, Hiszpania

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