Program Temat konkursu Data otwarcia Data zamknięcia
ERA-NET IB 2 Industrial biotechnology for Europe: an integrated approach 02.11.2015 01.02.2016

Zakres konkursu:
1. Conversion of industrial by-products and biomass into value-added products
2. Novel systems for new or more sustainable processes using bio-catalysts such as enzymes, micro-organism and cell-free biosynthesis systems from natural or synthetic origins. This includes orthogonal biosystems, minimal genome approaches and protocells
3. Compounds by understanding and engineering metabolic pathways including synthetic biology approaches
4. Process development, intensification and/or integration in existing industrial processes e.g. upstream or downstream design, scale-up of biotechnological processes

Projects should clearly address the product and market to be addressed, produced by biotechnological processes, e.g.
1. Bio-based materials
2. Platform chemicals e.g. bio-monomers, oligomers and polymers
3. Pharmaceuticals, functional food/feed ingredients

Kraje partnerskie: Belgia, Niemcy, Łotwa, Norwegia, Polska, Portugalia, Rumunia, Rosja, Hiszpania, Turcja, Finlandia, Szwajcaria

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